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Spotify Playlist Song Placement & Marketing Services For Musicians Updated

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Playlist Plugger is offering marketing and visibility services for musicians and independent artists looking to gain exposure on Spotify for their upcoming tracks and albums.

The music promotion agency, which offers several playlist plugger packages, now provides independent musicians and bands with the opportunity to get their music featured on editorial playlists on the major streaming service.

With access to the largest online playlist directory, the team of professional music marketers at Playlist Plugger will pitch songs to its database of curators, reaching thousands of new monthly listeners and garnering organic visibility.

Streaming services have rapidly become the top method of accessing and sharing music and offer unprecedented reach for new artists and aspiring bands. Claiming the second largest user base out of all major streaming platforms, second only to YouTube, Spotify is an essential marketing tool that musicians, managers, and labels can utilize to reach potential fans. Playlist Plugger only pursues exposure among curators with active monthly listeners, including ones compiling genre-specific playlists.

Once placed strategically on independent, and editorial playlists, tracks get immediate exposure on playlists curated for users who are likely to become fans, based on their listening history and taste preferences. Playlist Plugger offers packages for new artists trying to get their tracks heard for the first time, as well as for labels looking to boost visibility on their larger projects.

For a flat monthly fee, the basic service can obtain approximately 25 playlist positions, reaching between 35 and 50K listeners. Playlist Plugger recommends this package for aspiring artists interested in gaining traction on their first release.

Interested parties can be found by visiting Alternatively, the gold playlist service is ideal for marketing larger projects, with the capacity to reach up to 750K listeners on between 22 and 26 playlists. For labels wanting to boost new releases, the Ultra package can achieve up to 104 top positions, including on some of Spotify’s most popular playlists, such as Discover Weekly and other editorial collections. To enhance its music promotion packages, Playlist Plugger can also provide social media marketing, radio plugging, and brand consultancy services.

More information can be found by visiting

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