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  How To Get Song On Playlists

As an up-and-coming artist, you're likely wondering how to get a song on an online playlist. It can be easier said than done to get others listening to your music. Check out these tips for how to get a song on an online playlist fast.

Release your music. It's so simple, but it's key! The first step is to publicly release your music and to talk about your release on social media channels. You need to get people close to you in the know about what you're doing. Provide links, ask people to download them - don't be shy.

Get verified. Spotify no longer requires that you have a certain number of followers - any artist can get verified. This shows potential listeners that you are whom you say you are.

Don't stop getting to know people face to face. Whether you're going to live music shows, checking out concert venues, etc., make sure you're interacting with fans and potential fans face to face. The way to get fans is to be a fan - talk with other artists, network with their fans, and get to know people who love your style of music.

Connect online. If you don't have a website, now is the time. Connect your social media profiles to your site, and make it simple for listeners to hear your music with one click. Promote your site regularly on your social media channels. Don't worry about being redundant - current social media research shows that about 10% of your followers see each of your posts. The most you post links to your site, the more people will see that it's up and running.

Hire a playlist plugging service. You don't have to figure out social media and how to get on playlists on your own. Using a playlist plugging service is a great way to let someone else do the heavy lifting of getting your music onto playlists. Reach out to Playlist Plugger today to learn how we can help your career take off.

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