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  • Basic Playlist Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for a new artists trying to gain traction.
    • 3-5 playlists positions
    • 35k-50K Audience reach
    • Approximately 5K Song streams
  • Medium Playlist Plan

    Every month
    If you need to boost a new release this is the perfect plan
    • 5-7 playlist positions
    • 70k - 100K Audience reach
    • Approximately 10K song streams
  • Bronze Playlist Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for new artists with a wider budget.
    • 8-10 playlist positions
    • 120K - 150k Audience reach
    • Approximately 15K song streams
  • Silver Playlist Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for new artists trying to build a buzz on Spotify.
    • 11-13 playlist positions
    • 250K-300k Audience reach
    • Approximately 25K Song streams
  • Gold Playlist Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for artist with bigger projects.
    • 22-26 playlist positions
    • 500K-750K Audience reach
    • Approximately 60K Song streams
  • Pro Playlist Plan

    Every month
    Pro campaign for serious projects.
    • 44-52 playlist positions
    • 1M - 1.5M Audience reach
    • Approximately 150K Song streams
  • Ultra Playlist Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for Labels
    • 88-104 playlists positions
    • 2M - 3M Audience reach
    • Approximately 300K Song streams
  • YouTube Starter Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for new content creators trying to get traffic.
    • 100 Subscribers per month
    • 2k Views per month
    • 100 Likes per month
  • YouTube Medium Plan

    Every month
    Great start for new and frequent uploaders.
    • 300 Subscribers per month
    • 5k Streams per month
    • 300 Likes per month
  • YouTube Pro Plan

    Every month
    Perfect for serious content creators trying to build a buzz.
    • 1k subscribers per month
    • 10k streams per month
    • 1k likes per month
  • YouTube Expert Plan

    Every month
    For serious content creators who already get some traction.
    • 2K subscribers per month
    • 20k views per month
    • 2k likes per month
  • Basic Combo Plan

    Every month
    Youtube and Playlist promo pack
    • Basic Playlist Plan
    • Youtube Starter Plan
  • Silver Combo Plan

    Every month
    Youtube and Playlist promo package
    • Silver Playlist Plan
    • YouTube Medium Plan
  • Gold Combo Plan

    Every month
    Playlist and YouTube promotional services
    • Gold Playlist plan
    • Youtube Pro Plan
  • Pro Combo Plan

    Every month
    YouTube and Playlist promotional packages
    • Pro Playlist Plan
    • Youtube Expert Plan
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