• Submissions with money back Guarantee
  • Pro Campaigns Now Available!
  • We will submit your song to up to 1000 Independent spotify playlists
  • Guarateed 1 to 1000 Playlist Placements on all orders. 
  • Guaranteed 1k to 250k+ Streams with all orders
  • Genre specific playlist submissions on higher pacakges.
  • Money back if no results
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Professional Campaigns now avaialable



  1. [$59.99] 100 Playlists (Various genre playlist submission) 
  2. [$129.99] 250 Playlists (Various genre playlist submission) 
  3. [$179.99] 500 Playlists (Various genre playlist submission) 
  4. [$249.99] 1000 Playlists (Genre Specific playlist submission) 
  5. [$249.99] 2 Songs 500 Playlists (Same as above but split between 2 songs) 
  6. [$489.99] 2 Songs 1000 Playlists (Same as above but split between 2 songs)
  7. [$499.99] 2 Week Pro Campaign Includes (1000 Submissions and High End Placements) 
  8. [$999.99] 30 Days Pro Campaign (1000 submissions and more High End Placements) 
  9. [$1999.99] 60 Days Pro Campaign (1000 submissions and even more High End Placements)




BONUS: Database of collaborative playlists and instructions on how to add your music to them included with every order as additional bonus.

Spotify Playlist Service

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  • Fraudulent orders will be passed on to the authorities along with all artist details. All party's involved in fraudulent orders will be blacklisted across blogs, playlists, youtube channels and radio. DO NOT DO THIS, trust us, its not worth it in the long run. Once orders have began we can not issue a refund. If you have placed a playlist order we will review your song and if approved, will immediately start submitting your song to our curators. Please note, once your order has been approved and we have secured the first position on a playlist, we can not issue a refund, likewise, If you submit the wrong link or submit incorrect information that prevent us from completing your order we cannot issue a refund, as the amount of time this takes away from other clients orders is unfair. Only songs that are declined by our staff will be refunded. Please allow 3-5 working days for refunds to appear on your account. We do not own any playlists and we are not responsible for their behaviour or any third party we contract to fulfil your requirements. However, we always promise to try our best to deliver your music/project to only those that provide quality listeners/services. By placing this order you are agreeing to these conditions.