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Spotify Playlist Placement Agency, Streaming Music Pitching Services Launched

Playlist Plugger has announced an update to their music marketing services for independent musicians looking to increase the number of Spotify listens and audience for their tracks.

The recent update sees Playlist Plugger enabling artists to submit their tracks for addition to active Spotify playlists via their curators where the track will reach a wider audience and receive increased streams.

With an expansive playlist directory, the updated service allows the music marketing company’s team to pitch a client’s track to Spotify lists that match its genre and therefore connect with the right audience.

As streaming is the main way listeners find new music, getting a track onto active playlists with large audiences is an effective marketing strategy used by both large record labels down and smaller indie artists. However, without the right contacts and information, independent musicians often struggle to access these larger playlists. Playlist Plugger marketing services level the playing field by giving artists the ability to access a database of active playlist curators.

The company’s playlist services are available in a range of package plans that vary based on the number of playlist positions, audience reach, and song streams a client would like for their track. Additionally, once purchased, the track will remain on playlist placements until it reaches the chosen plan’s target streaming criteria, giving it an increased chance of going viral and being picked up by other playlists.

Playlist Plugger has a range of other marketing services to help independent artists and labels to increase their online engagement and audience reach. This includes exposure on other music streaming platforms, such as SoundCloud and YouTube, as well as social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The company’s complete range of services can be found at

New and upcoming artists looking to develop their demo music can also take advantage of the company’s mixing and mastering services that can bring a track up to industry standards before submitting it for playlist promotions.

A spokesperson for Playlist Plugger said, “We only submit your music to highly engaging playlists. That way we target curators best suited to your track’s potential.” Interested parties can find more information by visiting


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