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Playlist Plugger, an online service helping to promote musicians

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Playlist Plugger, an online service helping to promote musicians and artists using Spotify playlists, has updated its Basic Spotify Playlist Package. The company plugs tracks and songs by lesser-known artists to help increase their exposure to users of the music streaming service.

submit music spotify playlist

The latest updates allow artists to submit their tracks for assessment by a team of knowledgeable Spotify experts, and if accepted, offer them a guaranteed place on a Spotify playlist.

More details can be found at Playlist Plugger’s recent announcement provides a valuable tool to help musicians increase their exposure to regular music listeners, via the world’s most popular music streaming service.

Spotify regularly updates its playlist options to meet users' moods and environments, offering listeners carefully curated collections of songs chosen for work, travel, exercise, or just relaxing. As the platform continues to grow in popularity, the likelihood of exposure to wider audiences is significantly increased for an artist who makes it onto one of the platform’s playlists, and Playlist Plugger’s service uses a range of information about a track to assess its suitability for proposal.

The company’s Basic Spotify Playlist Package is ideal for independent artists hoping to gain traction on the streaming service, but each track submitted must undergo a review process to assess whether it meets the exacting standards of the Spotify curators. Learn more about the package at

Once a song is accepted by the company, its team of experts gets to work on creating a campaign to submit the track to suitable genre-specific playlists. This way, the chances of a Spotify curator selecting the song are increased, and all genres are considered, from acoustic singer-songwriter to jazz. Common elements of suitable songs include those that use a catchy hook, have an addictive beat, and have been skillfully mixed and mastered.

Pitching the track to Spotify usually takes place on the following Friday after review and acceptance. Spotify may take up to 14 days to respond, but artists will be informed as soon as their track is added to a playlist. Such a place on a playlist can be beneficial to artists not only in terms of exposure on the platform but on a broader level, as many record labels regularly scout Spotify for up-and-coming musicians - as do film and television professionals looking for tracks for upcoming soundtracks.

Interested parties can find out more by visiting

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