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How To Get Real Streams & Followers

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Getting new acts heard is not always an easy task even for major labels. In 2019 the most commonly used tactic used by managers, labels, and independent artists was to get their music placed on Spotify Playlists.

submit song spotify playlist

What's so important about the Spotify platform?

The reason so many labels, managers, and independent artists put more effort into Spotify than they may do other platforms is because:

  • Spotify stream music in FLAC format which is lossless and closest to CD quality, (unlike YouTube which designates your bandwidth to visual quality).

  • Spotify streams pay more than YouTube streams.

  • Other than YouTube, Spotify is the only platform users can use to stream music for free without any fees.

  • Spotify has the 2nd largest user base out of all the streaming platforms. Coming only 2nd to YouTube.

  • Unlike Youtube, the content on the platform is 100% music based.

  • Spotify has more specific analytics and the Spotify-for-Artist Tools enable artists, labels, and managers to find and grow their fanbase geographically.

  • Spotify algorithms are designed to find and grow a musician's fanbase as well as showcase new music to users most likely to be potential fans.

  • This platform has the potential to replace the need for Radio and radio stations completely.

potential spotify playlists

The trick to getting Spotify streams and getting heard across the platform is quite simply getting on Spotify playlists. It's a great way to test out the fan's reaction to new music before making a video or investing more money into the project.

There are four types of Spotify playlists:

How can i get my music onto Official Spotify Playlists?

These are known as editorial playlists and must be done through the musician's 'Spotify-for-Artists' account directly. You can do this by setting a pre-release date at least a month after upload through your aggregator (Distrokid, RouteNote, etc). You should see your new release under the upcoming tab in the act's 'Spotify for Artists account about two weeks prior to release. Here you can fill out details of the song and submit them to editorial playlists (official Spotify playlists) suited to your music. You can't do this after the song is released sadly so make sure you submit through your artist account prior to your release date. But don't worry you could still get placements on other types of playlists at any point after release.

pitch track to spotify playlist

How can I get my music onto Algorithm based Spotify Playlists?

This is done by getting your music heard by lots of Spotify users in the first place and having real, genuine active followers, so unless your music is getting streams already or you already have a following on the platform, you may not get on these straight away. Getting on many independent Spotify playlists is a great strategy to help Spotify build up analytics for your music and give Spotify enough juice to start recommending your music to users most likely to like your music style. Once Spotify has enough data about the type of users who like your music the platform will help build up your fanbase by automatically placing your music on algorithm-based playlists curated for the user's unique taste.

list of spotify playlists

spotify playlists

How can I get my music onto Collaborative Spotify Playlists?

These are the easiest playlists to get on but sadly produce the lowest results and most, get little to zero engagement. To add your music, simply find collaborative playlists by searching Spotify and following them to add your music directly from your own account. After you follow a collaborative playlist, it will appear amongst your own list of playlists and act as such. Don't spam them or they may block the playlist from users adding future music.

Independent playlists are playlists made by normal users like you or me. However, the ones you want to get on will have a niche following with high engagement. You can search Spotify to find these playlists and look in the description for the curator's contact details. If there are no contact details maybe Google and Facebook are the curator's usernames to try and find their socials. Be polite and take an interest in their playlist when contacting them and be prepared to get a lot of knockbacks, even the dopest track won't be liked by everyone. When contacting playlist owners make sure you check their playlist fits your genre and suits your music. You can also use to find curators, playlists, and their contact details. Another method would be to use free submission sites like Tunemunk, Indiemono, Daily Playlists, SubmitHub, etc. However, this method is extremely time-consuming and doesn't always produce thousands of streams or many placements due to the sheer volume of people submitting their music them also. You may find many of the playlists if not all of them that do produce good results charge fees or a donation to be placed on their playlists. This can be risky as this space is a minefield of scam artists and playlists with fake followers. Finding the good from the bad can be expensive and again, time-consuming. Nowadays many labels, managers, and independent artists are more often paying Spotify Playlist Pluggers or Spotify Plugging Companies to do all this leg work as their experience in this field will save you time and money, and most importantly get you guaranteed organic results.

Top Boy Spotify Playlist Submission

Spotify Playlist Services: Spotify Plugger

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