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Classic Spell Dmg Over Intellect

As a caster, your spells can critically strike, which means they do 150% oftheir normal damage. However, due to your Vengeance talent, your Starfire will critically strike for 200% of its normal damage instead.This makes Critical Strike Chance incredibly valuable, and will be one of yourmost highly sought after stats. Moreover, your Nature's Grace talentreduces the cast time of your next spell after your crit, further increasingits value.

Classic Spell Dmg Over Intellect


Haste affects the rate at which melee and ranged auto-attacks are dealt, the cast time of spells, the tick rate of damage over time, heal over time, and channeled spells, the channel time of spells, and spells' global cooldown. Additionally, haste increases the regeneration rate of energy, runes, and focus. There are no haste breakpoints, as DoTs and HoTs will add partial ticks at the end as needed, equal in damage/healing to the ratio of that time and the full tick time.

Spell critical strike (often abbreviated as "spell crit") is when a spell or magical effect (most damaging spells, healing spells, some damage over time effects) has an increased effect. To see your chance to critically strike with spells, open your character pane and view your spell stats. Mobs are unable to get critical strikes with spells.

All other things being equal and without considering talents, an 1% increase in spell crit chance will result in a gain of 0.5% of a spell's base damage, whereas a 1% increase in spell hit chance will give a 1% increase of a spell's base damage. As long as no other effects come into play (like Ignite, which would make +crit slightly more important), +spell hit rating is more effective than +spell crit rating. But although increasing +spell hit over 99% is not a complete waste if using binary against a resist chance (since in that case the resist chance works as a reduction of the hit chance), in general a 99% spell hit chance will be sufficient for most casters.

If a Mage has taken the Ice Shards or Spell Power talent to increase the crit damage to 200%, hit and crit are basically equal, similar to the situation as it exists with physical damage. Other classes have similar "increase critical strike damage by 50%" talents. There is still debate whether spell casting is based on a one-roll system (like "normal" melee) or not, although there is currently overwhelming evidence that it is a "two-roll" system - hit rolled for first, followed by a roll for crit.

For dedicated healers, +spell hit rating is essentially worthless. Spells cast on friendly targets (such as heals, buffs, and dispels/cures) always hit. However, +spell crit rating improves the chance of getting a critical effect on helpful and harmful spells alike. Although it is not advisable to rely on the extra healing granted by critical effects from healing spells, a lucky critical heal in a fight going badly could mean the difference between life and death for a group member, or even the entire group. Even if a critical heal results in an overheal, this extra healing has no impact on the threat generated by the healer. Additionally, there are talents available to Priests, Druids and Shamans which grant a short-duration armor buff to the recipient of a critical heal. When given the choice between +spell hit rating and +spell crit rating, a primary healer will always benefit from more +crit, while they will see little if any benefit from +spell hit rating. Just to be clear, if an item says "Improves spell critical strike rating", it will also improve the crit chance of healing spells.

Spell Damage Increase (SDI) is an item property that increases the damage of most magical attacks that are cast. This property is capped at 25% in PVP provided you dont have more than 30% of a skill in two different spell lines or Animal Taming or Parry. Then, you will become "focused" to that spell line and can display it from your titles menu, under overhead name, skills. So, if you have Imbuing, mysticism and focus you can be a focused mystic, but not if you have mysticism and 31 in evaluating intelligence. It's noteworthy that chivalry is amongst the magical lines even though it has no spell affected by SDI. So, if you have 120 magery and 120 chivalry, you won't be a focused mage. If you are not eligible to be focused, then your SDI pvp cap will be 20%.For PvE there is no cap on spell damage, so pack it on.

As with most code over time, Spell Damage Increase is not as straight-forward as it seems. It does affect Poison Strike and Wither, but it does not affect Pain Spike or Holy Light. It works with Word of Death, as the spell is not dependent on a secondary ability check, e.g. like Pain Spike, which involves Spirit Speak, or Holy Light, which involves Karma.

However, due to many skilled players and knowledgable Dark Souls 3 veterans combing this incredible game for over 5 years, many awesome mage builds have emerged that any and all can take advantage of for a playthrough heavy in spellcasting.

The following table lists, organized by the respective spells' and effects' governing schools of magic, all circinate spells (i.e. "canned" purchasable spells that are not created using the Spell Maker), all effects used in circinate spells and available for you to use to create your own custom spells with the Spell Maker, and all enemies that may cast circinate spells from each school. This table may therefore be useful for creating a low-cost practice spell for each school. Custom spells can be created by faction members of appropriate rank at a Spell Maker in any Mages Guild or Temple of Kynareth. More details regarding the listed circinate spells available within each school and their related effects may be found on the respective schools' dedicated pages linked within the table below, while an overview of all circinate spells within all six schools may be found on the Spells page.

Divine magic is essentially D&D's prayer system, and covers magic channeled from another force (generally, but not always, deities). Divine "spells" are considered to be divinely inspired during meditation or prayer (as appropriate). Divinists enjoy the ability to prepare any spell in their god's sphere, and the ability to use armor without impediment, but must abide by the tenets of their belief or be stripped of some or all of their power.


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