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The Blue Umbrella Man Movie Free Download In Hindi __LINK__

The story is set in a small village near Banikhet, Himachal Pradesh and revolves around a nine-year-old girl[1] named Biniya, who lives with her mother and elder brother, and the village's only shopkeeper, Nandakishore "Nandu" Khatri. One day while herding her family cows, Biniya comes across a blue-colored Japanese umbrella belonging to a group of tourists. She takes a liking to the umbrella and trades her bear claw necklace, Yantra, to the Japanese tourists in exchange for it. Biniya's mother scolds her for this, since the bear claw necklace is considered to be auspicious and bring good luck. However, everyone in the village is amazed by the beauty of the umbrella and Biniya acquires a celebrity-like status. This invokes the jealousy of some people, especially Khatri, who covets for such an umbrella but finds himself unable to buy one due to its high cost. He tries to buy Biniya's umbrella from her but she refuses.

the Blue Umbrella man movie free download in hindi


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