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Serial Number For Matlab 2010 Documentation

Although cdsprice supports serial date numbers, datetime values are recommended instead. The datetime data type provides flexible date and time formats, storage out to nanosecond precision, and properties to account for time zones and daylight saving time.

Serial number for matlab 2010 documentation

We developed an automated calibration and test application using the Universal Library in C# with Visual Studio .NET 2010. The Universal Library can quickly integrate into an existing application by referencing a single DLL and adding a few lines of code.The API to the Universal Library provides flexible control over sampling rates, voltage ranges, etc. It is easy to grab a single sample or buffer a large number of points for additional statistical processing. The documentation for the C# API is very good and several example programs are included. Also, error codes are returned for API calls so it is easy to detect problems from disconnected equipment, invalid arguments, etc.So far, the application has been used with the USB-2404-UI and USB-2408-2AO DAQ's. The development with the USB-2404-UI was done first and went very smoothly. However, for the USB-2408-2AO, the sampling rates listed in the documentation were not consistently accepted by the Library or the unit. Some trial and error was needed to discover new values which did consistently work.Overall, a good experience developing with the Universal Library.

Currently, there is no method for extracting the current calibration date from your USB-TC. If you forward your serial number to [email protected] we can look up the last known calibration date for your USB-TC.

The recent release of UL version 6.50 added Device Discovery, whereby the user no longer has to run InstaCal (not applicable for PCI/PCIe devices). Using Device Discovery, the UL can now support multiple applications running on the same PC, each interfacing with its own USB DAQ device(s). Each application, as its first UL call, must call IgnoreInstaCal. Next call GetDaqDeviceInventory which returns a list of DAQ devices found on the PC (model and factory serial number). Lastly, call CreateDaqDevice for each DAQ device that the application is to use.


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