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Phpjabbers Food Delivery Script

Having an online food delivery system can boost your restaurant business in a number of ways and create more marketing opportunities for your business. Nowadays, Internet is one very profitable market channel which if used right, may have a huge impact on your business. Business software solution not only help you spread your services online but are developed to optimize your business processes and make workflow easier.

Phpjabbers Food Delivery Script

PHPjabbers' Food Delivery Script will let you create custom menu list, manage menu categories, orders, pick-up and delivery areas, payment options and vouchers. The Food Delivery Script is deployable product which means it will work on a server. You need to install the food ordering script onto your hosting account. With PHPjabbers' scripts this is by no means a hard task. An install wizard will guide you through the process and install the script for you.

EzyFoodDelivery is a free hosted food ordering system and provides a stable fully supported software solution for anyone who wants to start out a food delivery service. EzyFoodDelivery is a high-end online ordering system that works on any website or as a standalone system. This means that you can use the system with or without embedding it into your website. Designed with a number of features, ezyFoodDelivery provides management with a number of features to enhance delivery services.

As we wrote on PHPJabbers Blog back in June 2016, Google changed the way Google Maps operates. In short - if you would like to use the Google Maps service on your website, you need to have an API key. That's why we have included the API key support into the new version of our Food Delivery Script and will do it for all our web tools. Restaurant owners can now find and tag their locations on the built-in Google Maps tool after entering a valid API key in the General Options menu of our food ordering script. If you don't have one, don't worry! We will send it to you upon request.

To get a real feel of all improvements, go to the Demo page of the food ordering script and make your own installation. Please, note that you can extend it to a 1-week FREE trial and ask us to remove all our brand elements so that you can show it to your customers.

Place & Manage Food Orders With our Food delivery script customers will be able to place orders online, add extras, choose their payment method, use promo codes, have their orders delivered or picked up, etc. With our online food ordering system you will be able to easily manage customers' orders, take phone orders, or manually add orders to your restaurant ordering system.

Through the back admin panel of our food delivery system you can easily manage your menu categories, add/remove products, manage customer orders, extras, pick-up and delivery locations, payment options, vouchers and more.

With our food ordering system you can have a percentage or a fixed amount discount when adding your vouchers. Set them as recurring, for a fixed period of time, or for a certain day of the week. When placing orders through your food delivery software your customers will be able to enter their voucher codes and profit from them.

Online food delivery software suitable for restaurant, pizza, pub, and cafe websites. Integrate a powerful Food Ordering System into your website and boost sales! Let your customers order meals online, choose their preferred delivery and payment method, and make them your regular clients!

Eatzilla- Build your website and mobile app for ubereats clone like service. Start your Food Delivery App development with Eatzilla - #1 selling successful AI powered ubereats clone food delivery script.


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