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Spotify Track Pitching Packages For Artists | Music Promotion Service Updated

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Playlist Plugger, a Spotify music plugging service, has announced updates for customers, offering a smart way to get tracks heard by Spotify users around the world through inclusion on the platform’s playlists.

submit music spotify playlist

The updated services provide musicians, bands, and independent artists with an effective way to improve their listener rates and followers on Spotify.

More details can be found at

Playlists Plugger offers an expanded range of packages to suit artists big and small, with services developed to help customers with smaller budgets build success on the streaming platform.

Once a platform mostly used by music lovers, Spotify has expanded to become a goldmine of new and up-and-coming artists for major music labels to browse and sign. However, with over 82 million tracks available, it can be a struggle for musicians to get their work heard.

Building on techniques used by labels such as EMI and Sony, Playlist Plugger’s service helps an artist take their track from unheard to well-known, pitching a song to Spotify’s playlist curators for inclusion on the platform’s popular playlists.

Learn more about their packages at The company’s playlist service includes packages to suit various budgets and allows customers to start small with a Basic Playlist Plan of up to 5k streams of their track, 3 to 5 playlist positions, and an audience reach of between 35k and 50k. The largest package available offers between 88 and 104 playlist positions, an audience reach of 2 to 3 million, and approximately 3000k streams. The company advises that the more playlist placements an artist has, the higher the chances of their track being included on other playlists or appearing on Spotify’s Discover Weekly.

The promotion service carries out an assessment on every track submitted before accepting it. This is because there are specific criteria a track must meet to be considered suitable for pitching, which include being mixed and recorded to a high standard, preferably with a catchy hook or beat - though this varies by genre. Once accepted, a track is pitched to Spotify playlist curators and thousands of playlists, and the artist is informed of which playlists their track appears on. Artists whose tracks do not pass initial checks receive a full refund.

Interested parties can find out more by visiting

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