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Spotify Playlist Track Pitching For Indie Bands/Artists - Promotion Tool Update

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Playlist Plugger, an online service offering exposure for musicians and artists through streaming playlists, has announced updates to its services, including its range of Spotify and youtube packages.

submit music spotify playlist

The recent announcement offers budding artists a service developed to bring their music to a wider audience, by submitting their tracks to the curators of esteemed Spotify playlists for a guaranteed place and listenership.

More details can be found at Playlist Plugger’s latest updates include an in-depth assessment of each track submitted by a panel of experienced and knowledgeable Spotify experts, to assess suitability.

With over 180 million premium subscribers worldwide, Spotify is easily the largest music streaming service on the planet and is regularly updated to keep its hungry users fed with the latest and greatest songs, artists, and podcasts. Users enjoy the simplicity of the way the system works, offering them recommendations and curated playlists based on their previous listens and preferred genres, as well as songs collected for particular occasions, such as driving playlists, exercise, rainy days, or studying.

For artists who make it onto Spotify playlists, the opportunities are endless, with an ever-growing number of listeners exposed to their songs, and inclined to explore their other music. With services from Playlist Plugger, if an artist’s song is accepted by the assessment panel, the song is then guaranteed a spot on an official playlist - or their money back. Learn more about the Basic Package at

Accepted songs are noted for their common elements, which include professional and highly skilled mixing and recording quality, catchy beats and hooks, and music that stands out as a potential new ‘earworm’ for listeners. Once accepted, artists can expect their tracks to be pitched to playlists suited to the song’s genre, for an increased chance of selection by Spotify curators. Playlist Plugger accepts songs in all genres, and tracks are pitched for playlists the Friday after they’re accepted.

When Spotify selects a track, the artist is informed immediately and can be seen on the playlist instantly. This level of exposure is incomparable, as not only does the boost improve the artist’s chances of being seen by a record label, but often Spotify’s playlists are scoured by television and movie executives building soundtracks for popular media.

Interested parties can find out more by visiting

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