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Spotify Playlist Track Pitching | Artist/Band Music Plugging Service Updated

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Playlist Plugger, a Spotify track pitching service for musicians, has announced updates to its packages, providing clients with a simple way to achieve a place on the platform's playlists listened to by thousands of music fans.

submit music spotify playlist

Developed for up-and-coming solo artists, musicians, and bands, the latest improvements provide a way for clients to boost their exposure on Spotify and subsequently gain more listeners and followers.

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Playlist Plugger’s recent announcement includes enhancements to a selection of packages, starting with the Basic Playlist Plan, which offers 3-5 playlist positions, an audience reach of 35,000-50,000, and a possible 5,000 song streams.

For musicians, bands, and solo artists, the task of getting the right exposure has always been a challenge. Digital platforms such as Spotify make it easier for artists to get their work out into the world, but even so, can’t guarantee their music will be heard by any but a few dedicated fans. However, with the number of Spotify users slowly increasing each day, and the rise in popularity of playlists curated by the platform, this can change with the simple but effective concept of pitching services from Playlist Plugger.

The company offers a range of packages suited to all kinds of artists, from those who are just starting out right up to huge record labels with any number of bands signed. The process involves an in-depth assessment of tracks submitted by the client for the suitability, which is undertaken by a panel of experts who evaluate the track’s quality to see if it meets the right criteria for Spotify’s playlists. These playlists are updated on a regular basis, which means Spotify is always looking for new tracks to add - and approved tracks are pitched straight to the curators.

Tracks that are accepted share a number of commonalities, including catchy beats, choruses, and a great hook, as well as being professionally mixed to a high standard. If a song is accepted, the track is then pitched to over 1,000 of Spotify’s playlists, each of which is checked for regular active followers, resulting in a huge increase in daily streams for the client. When added to a playlist, clients are instantly notified. Musicians whose work is not accepted are provided with a full refund.

Interested parties can find out more by visiting

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