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Playlist Plugger, a Spotify playlist plugging company

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Playlist Plugger, a Spotify playlist plugging company, has launched its Basic Spotify Playlist Package for musicians. The company’s services have been developed to help artists increase their exposure to Spotify users around the world.

The newly announced package offers artists a guaranteed spot on a Spotify playlist, following an assessment of the submitted track by a team of trusted Spotify experts. More details can be found at

The latest service has been developed in response to the ever-growing popularity of the streaming service Spotify. Musicians who appear on popular playlists often see an uptick in streams of their songs, increased exposure to listeners, and interest from music labels. As one of the most popular streaming platforms, Spotify can be beneficial to aspiring artists and musicians both to get their music heard with increased exposure and to build an income around it. Offering more than double than competitor Youtube, Spotify is also regularly accessed by music labels in search of new artists, meaning musicians who rank well on the platform are more likely to be seen by major music companies.

Many music departments for film and television use Spotify as a tool to find new music, so an appearance on a popular playlist can lead to more work for artists and more exposure. Using the largest playlist directory, Playlist Plugger accepts submissions of songs from artists looking to expand their pool of listeners and pitches the song to playlist curators. If the song isn’t accepted by the company’s team, a full refund is provided.

Find out more by visiting The Basic Spotify Playlist Package is ideally suited to independent artists, and for an additional cost, customers can target playlists of a particular genre. The team at Playlist Plugger seeks out music that evokes emotion, music that uses a catchy hook or beat, and songs that are professionally mixed and mastered. Once a song is accepted by the team, pitching begins on the following Friday, and responses from Spotify’s playlist curators can take up to 14 days. Customers are informed as soon as their track is accepted and provided with a link to the playlist where the song features. The company also offers additional packages for high-end playlist placements with additional audience reach.

With the latest announcement, Playlist Plugger continues to invest in offering packages to independent musicians and artists, offering a reliable way to increase listeners and exposure. Interested parties can find out more by visiting

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