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A must have for every Independent Label/Artist in 2020 

(Every contact in the world you need is included).

25 Databases in 1 Including:

  • Independent Spotify Playlists Database
  • A&R Database
  • Chicage, LA, San Fransico Venue Database
  • Christian Radio Database
  • College Radio Database
  • Film Licensing Database
  • International DJ's Database
  • Record Labels Database
  • Publishers Database
  • Radio Stations Database
  • Official Spotify Curators Database
  • Music Blog Database
  • Pop Blog Database
  • PR, Publicist Database
  • Publishers Database
  • Rap Blogs Database
  • Rappers Looking for Beats Database
  • Rocal Muisc Resources Database
  • Rock Music Blogs Database
  • Playlist Submission Websites Database
  • Russian Radio Database
  • Soundcloud Playlist Database
  • USA DJ Database
  • YouTube Playlist Database

Ultimate Music Industry Database

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