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Submit Music to Spotify Playlists

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

As increasing numbers of music fans across the globe turn to online subscription services to discover new artists, a digital creative consulting and promotions company announces an expansion of its playlist submission services.

submit music spotify playlist

Playlist Plugger has launched updates to its promotional programs for musicians seeking to get their songs featured by influential Spotify playlist curators. The company has an in-depth understanding of the process of submission and the most effective ways to share new music with as many new listeners as possible.

More details can be found at The announcement details a range of plan options for singer-songwriters, rappers, R&B artists, spoken word performers, rock bands, and jazz instrumentalists, among many other genres. Playlist Plugger provides a fully transparent submission service, ensuring accountability for successes and failures in getting tracks placed on favored collections. According to Statista, Spotify now has over 165 million subscribers - an increase of almost 30 million since the same quarter in the previous year. The platform uses a proprietary algorithm to select tracks most likely to appeal to different demographics, placing these on playlists with thousands of subscribers. Independent playlist curators are the digital generation's tastemakers. A place on the right collection at the right time can transform artists' streaming figures overnight.

Playlist Plugger pitches its clients' tracks to Spotify curators, guaranteeing placements and a refund if the campaign is unsuccessful. The expert team has a forensic level of knowledge of the streaming giant's ecosystem, targeting particular genre-specific playlists to maximize the chances of selection and more streams.

The company completes a comprehensive review process to ensure that clients' submissions are of a high enough quality to attract the ears of influential curators. Plans are available at various price points from the basic option at $60 per month to the Gold package, offering artists with larger budgets the chance to expand their listenership and fanbase to the next level.

About Playlist Plugger With headquarters in Dubai, the company has been helping artists at varying stages of their careers to find a wider audience and grow a dedicated following. Playlist Plugger's expertise in the digital distribution sector gives their clients an edge over rival acts, helping them to embrace the medium of streaming as the future of music consumption.

A spokesperson says, “We know that it can be frustrating when you've poured your heart and soul into your music, and all you want is for people to give it a chance. At Playlist Plugger, we're here to help get your music the attention it deserves.” With its latest service updates, Playlist Plugger is making streaming success an affordable reality for artists across the globe.

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