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Spotify Playlist Pitching Service Musician/Artist Track Plugging Packages Update

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Playlist Plugger, an online exposure service for musicians and artists, has launched updates to its plugging packages, in which clients can submit tracks for inclusion on Spotify playlists, to be heard by a wider audience.

submit music spotify playlist

The latest updates have been developed to offer artists a fighting chance to have their music heard amongst the din of streaming giant Spotify. Providing clients with a service that pitches their tracks to Spotify playlist curators, the company helps them to achieve a coveted spot on playlists listened to by millions each day.

More details can be found at Playlist Plugger’s recently updated packages include an assessment of submitted tracks for suitability by a panel of experts, and if accepted, a guaranteed place on Spotify playlists or their money back.

A free service with almost 200 million premium subscribers, there are few people who haven’t heard of Spotify. Many have found artists and tracks that they’d never have expected to love through the streaming platform. With the giant regularly updating and creating playlists to meet the many needs of its users, there is also a constant need for new music to keep playlists fresh and up to date. However, Spotify is host to millions of artists, and being heard amongst the hubbub is widely considered next to impossible.

Fortunately, Playlist Plugger can help artists and musicians to be heard through a straightforward service that pitches their tracks to the right people. Clients can submit their track for assessment, where a panel of knowledgeable music experts will listen to it and identify if it’s likely to be accepted by Spotify. This process usually involves listening for catchy hooks and beats, popular genres and styles, and a check of the track’s quality - as songs must be well-mixed and professional.

If a song is accepted, the company pitches the track to playlists that are suitable for the genre, have regular active followers with no bots, and are likely to get their clients high numbers of daily streams. Pitching normally takes place on a Friday after a track is accepted, and when Spotify selects the track, the client is informed immediately. They can also see their track on the playlist immediately.

Interested parties can find out more by visiting

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