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Spotify Playlist Pitching For Unsigned Artists | Track Plugging Service Updated

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Playlist Plugger has launched updates to its packages for musicians and artists. The company specializes in helping clients improve exposure through placement on real Spotify playlists with thousands of listeners.

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The latest updates are ideal for independent artists hoping to boost their visibility on the popular streaming platform, by placing their music on Spotify playlists to gain more listeners. More details can be found at

With Playlist Plugger’s recent launch, clients can now choose from various packages developed to suit all budgets, beginning with the Basic Playlist Plan for a possible 5k streams, up to the Ultra Plan ideal for labels with up to 300k streams.

As more and more major labels use playlists on streaming services to get their clients heard, Playlist Plugger has stayed ahead of the curve, offering the same methods to smaller musicians and artists. Utilizing techniques used by EMI, Sony, and Universal, their strategy helps artists with even the smallest of fanbases to expand their reach and improve exposure by putting their tracks in front of thousands of Spotify listeners.

Learn more about packages at

Since Spotify’s users increase each day, the company understands that for artists to find long-term success elsewhere, they must first be heard on the streaming platform. Their packages pitch a musician’s track to the playlist curators at Spotify, to help them achieve a place on playlists listened to by thousands of real people each day - without a single bot in sight.

Before a track can be pitched by the team, it must meet the qualifying criteria - which means the song should be professionally recorded and mixed to a high standard. Most of the songs accepted include common elements such as a catchy hook or beat, which can significantly improve the track's chances of success. A panel of experts assess each track, and if selected, it is then pitched to thousands of Spotify playlists for inclusion, as the platform regularly updates its playlists and requires new songs on a daily basis.

When a song is chosen for a playlist, clients are immediately informed and provided with a link to the playlist. Pitching takes place once a week, and continues until the correct number of playlist places has been achieved. For tracks that are not selected by curators, a full refund is provided.

Interested parties can find out more by visiting

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