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Spotify Editorial Playlist Pitching | Streaming Platform Track Placement Updated

As streaming continues to dominate how new generations consume music and creative content, Playlist Plugger announces updated playlist placement services for both new and established artists.

The latest launch from Playlist Plugger provides clients with a way to get their music heard on major streaming platforms like Spotify. By securing prime spots on popular playlists, the company helps emerging artists find a ready-made audience and expedite the process of building their own following and fanbase.

More details can be found at The announcement details a range of subscription packages, offering varying levels of exposure across influential playlists and generating a guaranteed minimum of streams per track. Playlist Plugger brings expertise in the algorithms that define success on Spotify, making sure that clients' music finds greater exposure among the platforms' tastemakers and growing global listenership.

According to Soundplate, Spotify is the world's biggest music streaming platform with an approximate 35% market share globally. This equates to over 350 million users with roughly 158 million of these being paid subscribers. Spotify is home to a huge number of curated playlists - there are currently over 4 billion on the platform - and around 3000 official playlists put together by the streaming giant's editorial team.

Playlist Plugger designs campaigns across a diverse range of genres including pop, indie, hip-hop, soul, R&B, jazz, house, and many more. The team only submits tracks to appropriate curators, pitching songs for playlists that will maximize a track's commercial potential. Subscription options range from the basic plan at $60 per month for three to five playlist positions and 5000 streams to the Pro and Ultra plans which are designed to support serious artists and record labels.

All submissions are given a detailed review to make sure tracks meet the required standard for release on Spotify. Refunds are issued within 24 to 48 hours if a piece does not meet the minimum quality standards.

In addition to its Spotify services, Playlist Plugger also provides a full suite of marketing solutions across platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and thousands of influential blog and podcast directories. Learn more at A spokesperson says, “At Playlist Plugger, we understand the power of playlists because getting heard on independent playlists has become the number one strategy used by major labels to increase artist visibility. That's why we employ the same methods used by Sony, Universal & EMI for all of our clients.”

Playlist Plugger continues to help artists across the globe find a bigger and more diverse audience for their music.

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