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Online Spotify playlist service, Playlist Plugger

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Online Spotify playlist service, Playlist Plugger has updated its range of packages designed to boost musicians’ exposure online, through the use of Spotify playlists.

submit music spotify playlist

The recently updated services include the company’s Basic Spotify Playlist Package, ideal for artists who want to get a guaranteed spot on a Spotify playlist, listened to by hundreds of thousands of regular subscribers around the world.

More information can be found at The newly updated packages have been developed by the company to take advantage of the popularity of music streaming services such as Spotify, which offer an alternative to the one-off paid-for album and song purchases. Statistics show that musicians placed well on Spotify playlists are often sought out by listeners searching for similar music on the platform.

As music streaming grows ever more popular, the number of artists appearing on the platform also grows, making Spotify a competitive place to be heard. However, it’s also a reliable platform for ensuring that artists’ and musicians’ audiences can listen to the latest releases - and appearing on playlists can be incredibly beneficial to growing said audience. Furthermore, Spotify is well-known as the place where many music directors, film and television producers go to find new music for upcoming releases, and ranking well in a Spotify playlist can mean the difference between popularity and obscurity.

Services from Playlist Plugger begin with artists submitting their tracks to the company’s team. The team will assess the song for the suitability, and then, if accepted, the track is pitched to Spotify’s playlist curators for inclusion on a playlist. For artists whose work is not accepted by the team, the company provides the customer with a full refund.

Learn more by visiting For independent artists, the Basic Spotify Playlist Package is a great place to start for greater exposure and a larger listener audience. Submitting musicians can choose to target a particular genre or style of music, and if the track meets the requirements, it can appear on Spotify playlists. Generally, music accepted by the team is evocative, professionally mixed, and mastered, and has a hook or tune that stands out.

With the recent announcement, the company continues to expand its range of services plugging tracks and musicians to Spotify playlist curators to improve artists’ audiences and exposure.

Interested parties can find out more by visiting

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