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Independent Music Marketing | Organic Spotify Playlist Promotion Services Launch

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Playlist Plugger has launched its updated services for musicians looking to increase the unique listens of their tracks on streaming platforms such as Spotify.

submit music spotify playlist

With its updated services, Playlist Plugger promotes a client’s tracks onto curated, genre-specific playlists in order to get their work heard by their target audience.

More information is available at

Alongside its updated playlist promotion services, the company also offers a wide range of marketing options that can further enhance the visibility and distribution of a musician’s work, such as through social media, radio, and blogs.

The rise of online music streaming services has made it easier for artists to record, edit, and publish their music than ever before. However, this flexibility has led to an influx of music being released that makes it harder for an artist’s work to stand out from the crowd. Playlist Pluggers is helping solve this issue for musicians by harnessing the power of playlists.

Playlists are one of the most popular methods for listeners to play tracks on streaming services, as they allow an audience to discover new tracks alongside their current favorites. Furthermore, using playlists to raise visibility is an effective strategy adopted by most major record labels for their own artists, including Sony, Universal, and EMI.

The services available from Playlist Plugger allow independent musicians to take advantage of this playlist marketing strategy by getting their tracks on popular playlists. Once accepted, the tracks will receive an organic increase in the streams of the music and boost the overall visibility of the artist.

Prior to accepting a submission, the marketing company reviews a client’s tracks to ensure they will be able to find genre-specific playlists that will accept and promote the music. This process helps the company refine and choose the best playlist curators to target and give it the best chance of success.

For all of its services, the company offers various levels of playlist promotions, allowing artists to find the right options for their current needs and budgets. Additionally, they also offer a range of Creative Consulting and marketing services to help artists develop their brand and online visibility to further grow their audience. The company’s complete range of services and prices can be found at

A recent client of the company said, “I used this service for the first time, and in under two days they got us on 48 playlists. They were super responsive, gave great customer service, and with better results than I expected.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting

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