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Genre-Specific Spotify Playlist Submission & YouTube Subscriber Plans Expanded

Playlist Plugger, a popular resource for musicians, has expanded its services to include more options for getting new music on genre-specific Spotify and YouTube playlists.

One of the most common difficulties for both experienced and aspiring musicians has always been getting their music heard by the people who have the ability to expand its reach. Playlist Plugger, a service that submits new music to professional playlist curators, has expanded its available plans to help artists reach audiences of up to 3 million new listeners on Spotify and YouTube.

More information about the basic plan for Spotify playlists can be found at

The new plans available from Playlist Plugger range from a Basic Spotify plan that reaches an audience of up to 50,000 people, to their Ultra Playlist plan that includes up to 104 unique playlist positions, and approximately 300,000 song streams. The expanded YouTube plans can be used as a standalone to collect up to 2,000 new subscribers per month, and are also available as combination packages with their Spotify services.

Playlist Plugger is known for having the largest online playlist directory and guaranteeing playlist placements for its clients. The service pitches songs to authentic playlist curators and has a strict no-bot policy that ensures each artist’s songs are placed on genuine playlists with active followers and real listeners.

The expanded services use only genre-specific playlists, to provide artists with the highest chance of having their music heard by a receptive audience. While not every song will be approved, Playlist Plugger has a no-risk policy that provides automatic refunds to artists whose songs do not meet their playlist standards or do not receive playlist placements.

While Playlist Plugger focuses primarily on helping artists to get their music on Spotify playlists, they also provide a full range of PR and marketing services, including digital distribution, blog exposure, and radio plugging. They also provide a creative consultation service to help artists increase their fan base and maximize their exposure.

A satisfied client said, "Better results than expected. I used this service for the first time, in under two days they got us on 48 playlists. Also super responsive, with great customer service. Placed another order right away. Give them room to breathe and get going, and they'll do good things for you."

More information about Playlist Plugger’s Spotify and YouTube plans can be found at

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