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As for Byron, as a thinker he was almost on the level of a child. And who cares about those poems? Sissy stuff that rhymes? That is not why we adore him. We love him for the glamour of his arrogance, his romantic disarray and melancholic grandeur. A compulsive gambler and ardent womanizer, Byron excelled at reducing life to grand absurdity. He was lame, but did he care? "Deformity is daring" he says in The Deformed Transformed. Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. Writing usually describes the unlived life. It is a lonely and private substitute for experience. Crisp, Warhol and Byron knew that it is necessary to have known strong passions in order to depict them. They valued the impulses of the heart above social convention. In these writers, beauty is the glove into which charisma slipped its hand. Three Books ... is produced and edited by Ellen Silva and Bridget Bentz.

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