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Download Hdmi Audio Driver Windows 8 BETTER

You can find them by visiting the support section of your PC or tablet manufacturer's website. Every manufacturer's computer or tablet model is custom-tuned to deliver an optimized audio experience for the device. Please contact your device manufacturer to download the audio driver for your particular model.

Download Hdmi Audio Driver Windows 8

The list below indicates the recommended order to install the drivers for your system and provides links to additional information about each driver. Drivers are available for download on the Dell Support Website for your system. Before choosing your drivers, ensure the correct Operating System version is selected from the drop down list (ie Windows 8.1 64 bit).

After the Windows 8.1 installation, download and install the following components of the Intel chipset and system devices. Click each item in the list to take you to the specific driver location at Dell's support website:

Update: I tried reinstalling all my graphics drivers, including the AMD HDMI Audio Drivers. That fixed the issue for a few hours and then it stopped working. Today I tried doing it without installing the AMD HDMI audio drivers and the same thing happened; it worked for an hour and then the TV starts showing that it doesn't support audio.

The Catalyst control centre still reported that the device (a Toshiba 42HL833B LCD TV) did not support audio, even though this was evidently not true as the computer audio was currently being output by it. This "cosmetic issue" was fixed by downloading a later version of the Catalyst driver (version 13.12) and when installing it, choosing to do a custom uninstall of the existing drivers prior to installing the newer drivers. In the custom-uninstall options, I selected to uninstall the AMD HDMI Audio driver. After this task completed, the duplicate HDMI audio device was no longer present, yet sound continued to function ok from the real HDMI audio device which was still selected as the default device. The current version of the specific HDMI audio driver in Catalyst version 13.12 is

The driver will be installed in Express way by default. In this way, all components in the whole driver package will be installed. If you just need to install HD audio drivers and not the whole driver package, choose Custom Install and uncheck the other optional driver packages.

Driver Easy will scan your computer and detect any problem drivers in your computer. You can update the Nvidia high definition audio drivers automatically with the Free or the Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it just takes 2 clicks (and you get full support and 30-day money back guarantee).

3. Click Update button next to the NVIDIA high definition audio driver to download and install the correct version of this driver. Or click Update All button (if you go Pro) to download and update all drivers at a time automatically.

On many occasions of your life, you want the best audio system which makes your event more memorable for you. But if you do not have any proper audio system due to the expiry of the driver you feel so embarrassed in front of your guest. So here we provide you with the best driver for your HDMI Audio system.

After researching various forums on the internet, I found that many people are facing problems with audio drivers on Windows. So if you have a brand sound card like below, installing the latest HD audio drivers from the below locations would solve the problem most of the time.

If this issue is observed in the Device Manager with Realtek Audio under Sound, video, and game controllers, visit your computer manufacturer site to install the latest audio driver for your system. If the issue is observed with Intel(R) Display Audio or Intel High Definition Audio, proceed with the following steps.

This error usually occurs when the audio drivers are corrupted or outdated. Many people are reporting that the error usually happens after a Windows update. This error can also occur due to a faulty audio jack.

If you want a hassle-free way to update your audio drivers, you could use a professional driver update utility tool like Driver Support. This tool will scan your system and will automatically find the right drivers for it.

From here, you can check if the audio error is solved. If not, you can uninstall the audio driver update and perform a quick reboot. After restarting, Windows should automatically load the audio driver.

This post will see two methods to find AMD HDMI audio driver. It is for your Radeon Graphics and Ryzen Chipset for Windows 10.

I also ask that you keep focused on this specific driver. Any off-topic/off-driver/off-product comments will be promptly deleted! If you have any issues with installing the driver, or are unable to get to the driver download pages linked above, please submit those comments in an original thread. Also, please do not message me directly about issues with the driver, keep them in this thread - I will check it daily.

Yesterday I uninstalled 3316 from the control panel, and uninstalled it from the device manager. Then upon reboot I installed the older 3165 drivers. This fixed the problem until windows update automatically upgraded my drivers. To stop this windows update must be set to not automatically install updates. However for now I have the external monitor working with the 3165 drivers

I installed windows 8.1 today and now my graphics adapter's driver is crashed. I cannot view multiple monitors or adjust my screen resolution settings as it is defaulting to the default microsoft driver.


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