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Integrated Chinese 4th Edition Volume 1 Textbook Simplified Chinese Download

Integrated Chinese 4th Edition Volume 1 Textbook Simplified Chinese Download

If you are looking for a textbook to learn Mandarin Chinese, you might have heard of Integrated Chinese, a popular and comprehensive course that covers all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Integrated Chinese is designed for learners of different levels, from beginners to advanced, and it follows a communicative and interactive approach that helps students develop their proficiency and cultural awareness.


Integrated Chinese has been revised and updated several times since its first publication in 1997, and the latest edition is the 4th edition, which was released in 2016. The 4th edition has made some significant improvements and changes, such as:

  • Updated texts, dialogs, vocabulary, and cultural notes to reflect the current trends and situations in China and the Chinese-speaking world.

  • Enhanced exercises and activities that focus on meaningful communication and real-life scenarios.

  • Incorporated new topics and themes that are relevant and interesting to today's learners, such as social media, environmental issues, pop culture, etc.

  • Added new features and resources that support learners' autonomy and self-assessment, such as learning objectives, grammar summaries, checklists, online quizzes, etc.

  • Integrated digital components that offer more flexibility and convenience for both teachers and students, such as e-books, audio files, video clips, animations, etc.

The 4th edition of Integrated Chinese consists of four volumes: Volume 1 (Lessons 1-10), Volume 2 (Lessons 11-20), Volume 3 (Lessons 21-30), and Volume 4 (Lessons 31-40). Each volume has a textbook, a workbook, a character workbook, an online workbook, a teacher's handbook, and an instructor's resource manual. The textbook is the main component of the course, and it contains the texts, dialogs, vocabulary, grammar explanations, cultural notes, exercises, and activities for each lesson. The workbook provides additional practice for the language skills and content covered in the textbook. The character workbook helps students learn how to write Chinese characters and recognize their components. The online workbook offers interactive exercises and feedback for self-study. The teacher's handbook provides guidance and suggestions for teaching each lesson. The instructor's resource manual contains answer keys, transcripts, quizzes, tests, and supplementary materials.

If you want to download the simplified Chinese version of the Integrated Chinese 4th edition volume 1 textbook, you have several options:

  • You can buy the e-book version from the official website of Cheng & Tsui, the publisher of Integrated Chinese. The e-book costs $29.99 USD and it can be accessed on any device with an internet connection. You can also download the audio files for free from the same website.

  • You can borrow the e-book version from Open Library, a project of the Internet Archive that offers free access to millions of books. You need to create an account and join the waitlist to borrow the book for up to two weeks. You can also download the audio files for free from Open Library.

  • You can search for a PDF version of the book on various websites or platforms that share or sell digital books. However, this option may not be legal or ethical, as it may violate the copyright laws or the terms of service of the original publisher or author. Therefore, we do not recommend or endorse this option.

We hope this article has helped you find the information you need about Integrated Chinese 4th edition volume 1 textbook simplified Chinese download. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below. Happy learning!


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