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How to Flash Samsung Bada OS with Multiloader v5

If you want to update or repair your Samsung phone that runs on Bada OS, you might need to use a tool called Multiloader v5. This is a software that can flash the firmware of your device and restore it to its original state. In this article, we will show you how to download and use Multiloader v5 to flash your Samsung Bada OS phone.

What is Multiloader v5

Multiloader v5 is a software that can flash the firmware of Samsung phones that run on Bada OS. Bada OS is a discontinued operating system that was developed by Samsung for some of its smartphones. Some of the models that use Bada OS are Samsung Wave, Wave II, Wave 3, Wave Y, and Wave M. Multiloader v5 can also flash other Samsung phones that use Qualcomm or Broadcom chipsets.

Where to download Multiloader v5

You can download Multiloader v5 from various sources on the internet. One of them is Android File Host[^1^], which offers a file named multiloader v5.67.rar. This file contains the Multiloader v5 software and some drivers that you might need to install on your computer. Another source is Google Drive[^5^], which has a file named MultiLoader V5.67.rar. This file has the same content as the one from Android File Host. You can also find other versions of Multiloader v5 on Easy Firmware[^6^], such as

How to use Multiloader v5

Before you use Multiloader v5, you need to prepare some things. First, you need to backup your data on your phone, as flashing will erase everything on your device. Second, you need to download the firmware file for your phone model from a reliable source. The firmware file should have a .zip or .tar extension and contain files such as .bin, .rc1, .rc2, .fota, etc. Third, you need to extract the firmware file and the Multiloader v5 file to a folder on your computer.

After you have prepared everything, you can follow these steps to flash your phone with Multiloader v5:

Turn off your phone and remove the battery.

Press and hold the volume down key and connect your phone to your computer via USB cable.

Release the volume down key when you see a yellow screen with "Downloading..." on your phone.

Run the Multiloader v5.exe file on your computer as administrator.

Select the appropriate option for your phone chipset (BRCM2153 for Broadcom or MSM6250/MSM6250A for Qualcomm).

Check the boxes for Full Download and Boot Change.

Click on each button (BOOT, AMSS, APPS, Rsrc1, Rsrc2, Factory FS, FOTA) and browse for the corresponding file from the extracted firmware folder.

Click on Download button and wait for the process to finish.

When you see "All files complete" message on Multiloader v5 window, disconnect your phone from your computer and insert the battery.

Turn on your phone and enjoy your new firmware.


If you encounter any problems while using Multiloader v5, here are some possible solutions:

If your phone does not enter download mode, try using a different USB cable or port.

If your computer does not recognize your phone, try installing the drivers from the Multiloader v5 folder or from Samsung website.

If Multiloader v5 does not start or gives an error message, try running it in compatibility mode or as administrator.

If Multiloader v5 stops or freezes during flashing, try using a different version of Multiloader v5 or firmware file.

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