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Buy Z Palette

Iridis Cosmetics is proud to be a distributor for the patented Z Palette, which is an exclusive custom palette designed by an Emmy-award winning Hollywood makeup artist. This palette gives you the freedom to choose the colours you love and keep them in an accessible and streamlined palette. The palette has a sleek and clean design that offers the strength of a plastic palette, while using eco-friendly recyclable materials. Fold the top portion completely under the bottom portion for a space saving feature on your vanity or makeup station.

buy z palette

The Z Palette Large Palette Black is an empty palette that you can transform into your own personalized palette. The Large Palette offers space for no less than 27 standard round or square pans and is super easy to carry thanks to its compact size!

Due to the transparent top you can immediately see at a glance what is in the palette. The palette has a magnetic bottom so that the pans stay perfectly in place. Are your individual pans not magnetic? No problem, stick a metal sticker at the bottom of the pan and they also fit in your customized palette!

These are really handy for breaking down stick/solid creams into more economical packaging. I like that you can stick a magnet on them and fit them into a palette, but keep in mind the Medium and Large sizes are quite thick in height and may not fit inside all magnetic palettes.

The pots are a bit tricky to open/close if you keep them in a magnetic palette because you have to basically take them out of the palette to open them, which sort of defeats the purpose (unlike something like a Vueset, which allows you access more easily)

No way! I have a palettes galore and I will absolutely not depot any of my precious shadows! The idea of wiggling some sharp object to pry it out of the packaging and possibly scuffing up the packaging or the metal tin completely freaks me out. Umm hello what is the point of the rediculously cute packaging these palettes com in if we te just going to pull them out? And the name on the front of the. Palette looks tacky. Same with the sephora z palette looks like it should be free with purchase or something

I dislike Z-palettes just because they get so darn messy inside, and I hate seeing a bunch of round pans in the rectangular palette, because they never quite fit right. I like it better with square pans like old NYX eyeshadow singles or Nars blushes.

I have a couple of the Unii palettes and absolutely love them! I travel a lot and they are far, far more durable than the Z palettes, which just feel flimsy and cheap to me. Plus, the Unii palettes have a mirror, which is utterly fantastic.

Funnily enough, I just got my first Z palettes last week. I am in the process of depotting all of my WnW shadows. I have so many trios and 8-pan palettes that take up way too much room. I would never depot any of my higher end stuff or really anything unless it came from the drugstore. But I have no problem ditching the generic, cheap plastic crap WnW comes in.

My real issue here is that Sephora is charging an extra $10 for these palettes! I love Sephora, but that seems a bit much. I have a large Z palette sitting in my Amazon cart right now for $18 with Prime shipping.

I finally caved and bought a Z-Palette after hearing about them forever. I was loyal to my old MAC palette, but I had a few eyeshadows I wanted to depot that were too thick for the MAC palette. This Dome Z-Palette is deeper so it holds those deep eyeshadow pans.

Considering my love for makeup, I buy a lot of single eyeshadow pans and storing them can be a hassle. Even though readymade Z palettes are available in the market, they can run quite expensive if you were to buy many of them (and honestly, I would rather spend that money on buying more makeup :P) Therefore today, I will be showing you how to make your own Z palette with things you might see lying around the house. Total cost of this DIY will run you less than $5.

Each Z palette includes round metal stickers that you can apply to any products you have that come in plastic pans or non-magnetic metal pans. Anything that is already housed in a magnetic metal pan will not need one. Each Z-palette has a clear cover and is made from recyclable materials (seems like very heavy duty cardboard with something wrapped around it to give it a sleeker appearance. You can also fold the cover completely underneath the bottom portion.

I have been using Z palettes for about a year now (in my Pro makeup kit). At first, I was in LOVE with them. They condensed me kit and made it much easier to pack lots of different products. I have had to keep repurchasing them over and over because they crack so easily. The one I was using for blush cracked so badly that the plastic pieces were falling out into my blush. I have been very disappointed. Z palettes are probably great for condensing your personal kit but not for traveling with them in your pro kit. I will be replacing all 5 of them with the MUFE empty palettes. Such a bummer! ?

Used to think depotting was a great way of saving space. I had 3 palettes depotted but nowadays I look for palettes like Naked which is compact and space saving. I think it is a waste to depot those. I just travel with those palettes I pick up at duty free airports and leave the large palettes at home. After all, I dont need a rainbow of eyeshadows when I m travelling! After all, we paid so much for packaging and brands. After depotting, you cant tell which is which anymore.

The emerging theory of Generation Z (those born between 1996 and 2010) already tells me how my young children are predicted to behave as employees. According to an article recently published in Forbes, Generation Z in the United States is the most ethnically diverse and multicultural in history. My own children (who are multi-ethnic) do seem to have an evolved relationship to race and ethnicity, rarely referring to other boys and girls by the color of their skin and, when doing so, drawing upon a vast gradient palette of beige and brown. 041b061a72


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