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By utilizing an interlocking system of miners, clients, developers, token holders, and ecosystem partners, filecoin users come to agreements on how the information will be exchanged, and how much FIL will be required to change hands to facilitate the transfer. From here, clients are able to request information from storage miner nodes who compete to fill their contracts and earn FIL. Once the terms of the agreement are settled, the transfer is initiated in such a way that ensures all the users, and their information, are protected.

filecoin buy

Every blockchain needs to have its own native cryptocurrency, and Filecoin has the conveniently-named filecoin, also known by its ticker handle FIL. This coin is used to reward miners for making their storage available.

While 2021 was, ultimately, a positive year for both crypto and filecoin, 2022 was a year which saw disaster strike both FIL and the sector as a whole. Although filecoin reached a high of $38.31 on 5 January, it was all downhill from there, with the crypto bottoming out at $16.56 on 15 March. A rally saw it peak at $27.31 on 31 March, but a slump in April became a crash in May, when the depegging of the UST stablecoin and the collapse of the associated LUNA cryptocurrency caused a market crash which saw FIL drop to below $10. Things got even worse the following month, when the news that the Celsius Network (CEL) crypto lending platform had cancelled withdrawals confirmed the bear market and FIL fell to a low of $4.82 on 18 June. There was some recovery after this, with it briefly breaking past $10 in late July and early August, but then it settled back to between $5 and $6 for the next few months. In November, though, the collapse of the FTX (FTT) exchange caused yet another crypto crash and, in the turmoil, FIL dropped to a low of $2.68 on 16 December before making a small recovery to close the year at $3.01, down more than 90% over the course of the year.

So far, 2023 has looked a bit better for both filecoin and the wider cryptocurrency market. The coin rallied to close January at $5.23, while reports of Filecoin creating its own virtual machine, a system which would allow the creation of smart contracts, computer programs which automatically execute once certain conditions are met on the system, boosted its price in February. On 19 February it was worth $9.40, its highest price in more than six months, and on 21 February 2023 it was trading at around $8. At that time, there were 389,513,726 FIL in circulation, representing the total supply. This gave the coin a market cap of $3.1bn, making it the 23rd largest crypto by that metric.

Next, DigitalCoinPrice made a FIL price prediction that said the coin could trade at $16.36 this year before possibly reaching $27.20 in 2025 and potentially closing the decade at $57.33. The site then went on to make a filecoin price prediction for 2030 that saw it hit a potential $83.32 before suggesting it could break the $100 barrier the following year to trade at around $113.01.

Meanwhile, had a filecoin coin price prediction that said the crypto could close the year at $9.94. It then went on to make a filecoin price prediction for 2025 that said the token could open the year at $15.82, reach $17.47 by June and potentially close the year at $19.17.

Finally, WalletInvestor had a filecoin crypto price prediction that suggested the coin was in for a tough 12 months. It said that investors could be in for a scare, with the FIL price potentially dropping to a mere $0.678 by February 2024. 041b061a72

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