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How Yahoo Is Way Ahead Of The Curve In Location Based Services

We have consistently been ahead of the curve. Hydreight began on this path before the COVID-19 pandemic began, which meant that we were already equipped to provide mobile medicine and more flexible healthcare services when the lockdowns were in place and bottlenecks for care were widespread. Mobile medicine has now become top of mind and it is not going anywhere. Our vision for Hydreight is to be the gold standard platform where mobile medicine happens. We are well on our way to leading this market into the future.

How Yahoo is Way Ahead of the Curve in Location Based Services

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Hydreight Technologies Inc. (TSXV: NURS) is a telehealth platform and medical network enabling flexible home healthcare that bridges the gap between provider compliance and patient convenience, empowering nurses, med spa technicians, and other licensed healthcare professionals to deliver services independently, on their own terms, or add mobile services to existing location-based operations. The network offers medical director oversight, liability insurance, HIPAA-compliant documentation, competitively priced prescriptions via a 503B licensed pharmacy, and more. The platform includes a built-in, easy-to-use suite of fully-integrated tools for accounting, documentation, sales, inventory, booking, managing patient data, and more, making it possible to deliver fully-compliant mobile medicine across 50 states. Learn more at

If local newspaper, yellow pages, radio or local TV companies thought that Google, Yahoo, eBay and craigslist were disruptive, they are now going to face down a competitor that will have an even bigger impact on their businesses than any one of those companies did. I believe that location-based Web services will take 20% to 25% of the annual revenue out of local media's current advertising base within four years. Yes, 20% to-25% of their revenue base will be lost by 2014. That spend will be displaced by promotion and marketing fees paid to these new location-based services or applications that run on top of them. To the incumbent companies, these new services will be like craigslist on steroids."

The big companies have the advantage of scale and brand recognition. The startups are nimble, well-funded (in many cases), and far ahead of the curve in terms of features and the cool factor. Unlike local and regional publishers, though, none of them has local presence. And we don't just mean sales reps, though few even have those. Local papers are part of the community fabric. There is a unique relationship with the audiences and businesses they serve, as well as a staff to serve them. The advertising that local papers sell supports something of value to that community: professionally produced, locally relevant content. These are the unique assets local media can leverage to implement an LBS strategy that can save their businesses.

Officially launched today, the new Chicago-based Referah online senior living referral service has been crafted and engineered to not just generate leads, but to create relationships. The goal is to cut away the confusion and clutter of senior living searches by employing more and better input by including social interests, health, finances and other factors in a manner that in some ways mimic dating apps by matching the personalities of communities with prospective residents. Those seeking information on senior living communities incur no charges for the services.

People inquiring about senior living will be able to have a live conversation with a Referah Family Connection Agent (FCA). During the conversation, FCAs will gather data on the social interests, health, finances, geographic location, special needs and services of the individual seeking accommodations. Then Referah will match them with the senior living communities that best fit the individual. Instead of an onslaught of messaging from many communities, those working with Referah will only receive communication from the top three most suitable matches.

Over time, the computer learns to recognize these semantic tags and learn the most salient parts of an article. By searching through data in real time and extracting information based on requested categories, such as events, people, location and dates, Editor can make information more accessible, simplifying the research process and providing fast and accurate fact checking.

The Wildlife Society encourages students majoring in, or interested in, wildlife sciences to get involved with student chapters and take advantage of our student membership! We have numerous educational resources to help you with classes, networking opportunities, and early career development tools to get you ahead of the curve. 076b4e4f54


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