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Celine Dion Taking Chances Concert Torrent

Much of the critical division came towards Dion's new image as someone who came back from a Vegas showcase. Dave Simpson of The Guardian gave the Manchester concert 3 stars out of 5 and stated, "in her nine-year break from touring (apart from a residency in Vegas), Dion has clearly been abducted by aliens and replaced by CelineBarbie, a dancing sex goddess who makes raunchy smiles at the camera, dances with musclemen, performs rockers penned by Pink's songwriter Linda Perry and, bizarrely, turns Roy Orbison songs into gay disco."[34] An article in Sun Media gave the Toronto concert 3.5 out of 5 stars and stated, "Is Celine Dion really taking chances anymore? Well, the name of her current world tour would say that she is, but the 40-year-old mega-selling pop star is basically Vegas personified."[35] On the other hand, The Vancouver Sun after praising the show's set-up, stated, "The idea here is presumably to humanize the diva, as it were, and, fittingly, during the show Dion makes use of two protruding catwalks to "mingle" with the audience. It's worth questioning how humanizing an influence doting devotees who can justify spending $520 for two hours of light entertainment really are, but that's a whole other thesis."[36]

celine dion taking chances concert torrent

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