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UFO VPN Basic APK: The Best Free VPN for Streaming, Gaming, and Browsing on Android

UFO VPN - Best Free VPN Proxy functions just as well as other popular VPN service providers. It is able to provide the basic services that are expected in a VPN. If there is a downside to UFO - VPN is that it is missing a kill switch, a feature that protects personal data when the connection is suddenly lost. Nevertheless, UFO -VPN is simple to use.

The UFO Windows app is very, very basic. There's a big Connect button; a plain text list of countries; a choice of three cryptic protocols (A, C and D); and On/Off switches for the kill switch and a 'Launch on Startup' option. That's it.

ufo vpn basic apk latest version

Configuration looked just as basic as we expected. A quality VPN runs its own DNS servers to reduce the chance of others seeing the sites you're visiting, for instance. UFO VPN appears to redirect your queries to Google DNS. (It does route them through the tunnel, though, so these aren't visible to your local network.)

If you really do want to 'unblock any website', then, UFO VPN isn't going to help. Our tests show you'll get much better results with providers including ExpressVPN,, Private Internet Access, ProtonVPN and Surfshark, all of which unblocked everything in their latest reviews.

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