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Good job supporting someone who's actively stealing money from people despite giving empty promises and is seemingly so lazy they can't even update this web page like they did for the last version. Glad to see this community is ok with stealing.

RPGM В» Page 10 of 11 В» FAP NATION

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So I've been following this game since it's came out and I swear the creator said the newest update is coming this month. Now I've been trying to be patient but after seeing many other H games be updated much much more all this time, I can't help but think this is a scam. Multiple other creators have been updating their works and yet we haven't even seen a snipit of what's coming and that's worrying as hell. Since clearly there was an update trailer for the the version currently available yet you say it's coming soon, but won't update your actual page to show that. Please just be honest with me so I can stop getting my hopes up. All you're doing is giving a man with depression pain by not doing anything but empty promises, stop being a monster.

Hello, I'm really happy you love the game.I'm extremely passionate about HHG, I work and talk every day about it with my friends, and I every day think about the story, and how it can be improved, geez, I even have a worldanvil page where I write everything about the world-building and how stuff works.

The developer will release updates based on their own schedule and you have no place to set expectations for the development or even implore the community to stop donations. This is their game after all, not yours.

And about your worries for the donators: They can choose to stop donating literally anytime, it's up to them if they wanna believe in an update or not or if they maybe just donate out of appreciation for what's already there. It's not really an unjust thing for the developer to receive donations, even when there's no new updates. In the end, every donator needs to decide that for themselves. 041b061a72


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