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Gemini G4v Traktor Scratch Pro 2 NEW!

Indeed, it could be good for traktor, but the problems usually comes when trying to map the jog-wheels correctly. With the exception of Native Instruments S2 and S4, all other controllers struggle to implement the jog-wheels mappings. Could this Gemini be different? I hope so.

Gemini G4v Traktor Scratch Pro 2

Download Zip:

Jog wheels are not hard to map. On my contl 7 I got them to scratch & perform perfectly. Could even say it came close to my cdj 400 pioneers.. I got them to work very well after figuring out how to map the jog wheels perfectly.

Nice Controller however there is limited reviews on the use of the controller the review on the overview features is in french can someone who has it upload a youtube video on the features scratching,loops,cues,samplers etc thanks

The main sell of the DDJ-SX2 is it performs best with Serato DJ, as the DJ controller is Serato DJ DVS upgrade-ready. The Serato DJ DVS is an expansion pack that lets you connect CDJs or turntables to the DJ controller. With the DVS, you can scratch with CDJs or analog turntables using NoiseMap control CD/vinyl.

Then, you have native Serato Flip* controls. The DDJ-SX2 has three dedicated buttons (record, start, and slot) to access Serato Flip without having to use your computer. The DDJ-SX2 also has improved jog wheel latency, which is terrific news for scratch DJs.


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