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RevisionFX Effections Plus 21.0 (x64): A Free and Comprehensive Collection of Visual Effects Plugins

RevisionFX Effections Plus 21.0 (x64): A Free Bundle of Over 250 Visual Effects Tools

If you are looking for a way to enhance your video editing with professional and stunning visual effects, you may have come across a software called RevisionFX Effections Plus 21.0 (x64). This software claims to offer over 250 visual effects tools for various applications such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Fusion, and more. But what is this software and how does it work? And is it safe and legal to use? In this article, we will answer these questions and more.

What is RevisionFX Effections Plus 21.0 (x64)?

RevisionFX Effections Plus 21.0 (x64) is a free software that allows you to access and use a collection of visual effects plugins created by RevisionFX. RevisionFX is a company that specializes in developing advanced software for image processing, video restoration, and visual effects. Their plugins are used by many professionals and studios in the film, TV, and video industry.

RevisionFX Effections Plus 21.0 (x64)

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Effections Plus 21.0 (x64) is the latest version of their bundled collection that includes the following plugins:

  • Twixtor: This plugin allows you to retime your video up to 160x slower than real time or speed it up to create fast motion effects. It also preserves the quality and details of your original footage.

  • DEFlicker: This plugin allows you to smooth out annoying flicker and artifacts when shooting high speed or timelapse video. It also helps you reduce noise and improve color consistency.

  • DE:Noise: This plugin allows you to reduce noise and grain in your video using various methods such as spatial filtering, temporal filtering, motion estimation, and smart blending.

  • RE:Lens: This plugin allows you to correct lens distortion and perspective issues in your video. It also allows you to create 360-degree video from fisheye or wide-angle footage.

  • RE:Map: This plugin allows you to map textures, colors, gradients, or patterns onto your video using UV coordinates or planar mapping. It also allows you to warp, morph, or transform your video using displacement maps.

  • RE:Match: This plugin allows you to match the color and exposure of different shots or cameras in your video. It also allows you to transfer color characteristics from one source to another.

  • ReelSmart Motion Blur: This plugin allows you to add realistic motion blur to your video based on the motion of the objects or the camera. It also allows you to control the amount, direction, and shape of the blur.

  • Re:Flex: This plugin allows you to create fluid and organic warping effects in your video using shape-based morphing or image-based warping. It also allows you to track and stabilize your video using spline-based tools.

Effections Plus 21.0 (x64) is compatible with Windows 7 (and up) and works with After Effects CS6 (and up) and Premiere Pro CS6 (and up). It also works with DaVinci Resolve Fusion as a bonus feature.

How to use RevisionFX Effections Plus 21.0 (x64)?

To use RevisionFX Effections Plus 21.0 (x64), you need to download it from a reliable source. The file is compressed in a zip archive and protected by a password (1234). You need to extract the file using a third-party archive manager such as WinZip or WinRAR. In the extracted folder, you will find a file named MAS_AIO.cmd. This is the main script that you need to run.

To run the script, you need to right-click on it and select Run as administrator. You will see a command prompt window with various options. You can choose the installation mode that suits your needs and follow the on-screen instructions. The script will perform the installation process and display the result. You can also choose other options such as uninstalling the software or restoring the original license key.

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