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Snsd Genie English Version Mp3 Download

The song was originally composed in English as "I Just Wanna Dance", but Young-Jin decided to scrap the idea after both sets of lyrics were written.[4] Both versions were the groups' first singles to be composed and produced by Western producers, and had continued with future musical releases.[5][6] Musically, both versions carried on the groups phase of bubblegum pop music since their debut in 2007.[7] According to Chucky Eddy from Spin, he found that the composition was inspired by "super-light-footed Italo disco..."[8] A staff reviewer from CD Journal noticed musical elements of electropop and said the lyrics incorporates metaphorical uses of a lamp, genie, and Aladdin as themes of love and lust.[9]

Snsd Genie English Version Mp3 Download

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On October 24, 2010, a 3D music video of the Korean version, was released for Samsung PAVV LED TV. The video begins with all nine girls sitting down, looking into crystal balls, then cutting into the beginning of the song with "Girls Generation" written in pink, sparkly lettering. The video features three dance sequences, one of which features a floor with cosmic-like sparkles coming out of it. During the video, it cuts to solo scenes of the girls playing with the crystal balls, inside are a man and a woman standing awkwardly beside each other at a bus stop, beside them is a poster with "I Wish" printed on it, and a red Mini Convertible is below it. The girls are then seen changing the couples clothes, and making the Mini appear out of the poster, signifying the girls are 'genies' and granting their wishes. The video ends with the girls waving goodbye to the couple, who then drive off in the car, with the number '37' printed on the side.

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